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What Fears Do Alcoholics Have About Treatment?

Fears vary by person, but alcoholics going into treatment commonly report these six fears: sobriety, treatment stigma, the unknown, failure, success, and facing challenges. Fear Defined Fear is a natural human emotion that serves as a defense mechanism to protect us from harm or perceived danger. For many individuals struggling with addiction, the thought of … Read more

What Happens if I Relapse?

If you relapse during addiction recovery, it’s not the end of the recovery journey. It’s just a step off the path. Relapse happens to about 30% of recovering addicts. What is a Relapse in Addiction Recovery? To understand relapse in addiction recovery, it’s important to start by remembering that addiction is a chronic disease and … Read more

Transform Your Recovery – Practicing Gratitude

woman with a red notebook writing a gratitude list

Transforming addiction recovery by using gratitude techniques can change someone’s life completely. As a part of mindfulness, gratitude may even be the most powerful practice.  Understanding Addiction Recovery To understand the best way to treat addiction and begin addiction recovery, you first need to understand addiction itself. Once an individual better understands what addiction recovery … Read more

Understanding Relapse Triggers In Recovery

pill bottle on a table next to a cup showing an example of a relapse trigger

Relapsing in addiction recovery usually starts with a relapse trigger, which is something that elicits an intense feeling for using the substance they were addicted to.  What Does it Mean to Relapse from Addiction Recovery? A relapse in addiction recovery is when someone starts using either the same drug/alcohol they were originally addicted to or … Read more

Why Is Self-Care Important?

woman wearing a back pack jumping up in the air on a wooded trail

Self-Care is important because it helps keep mental health at optimum levels. Without self-care, burnout, depression, and anxiety are likely outcomes of everyday life. What is Self-Care? Self-care is quite aptly named since it is the entire range of things that are considered caring for yourself. You can think of it as anything people do … Read more

How to Choose the Best Rehab

man on his cell phone discussing rehab options

Choosing the best rehab starts with deciding what your rehab goals are. Then assess the time commitment you can manage, and narrow down your options. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you or someone you love is struggling with addiction. Addiction is a debilitating disease that can destroy lives and tear families apart. But … Read more

Dual-Diagnosis: Mental Health and Addiction

Dual-Diagnosis: Mental Health and Addiction

What is Dual-Diagnosis?  When a person has dual diagnoses they suffer from both mental illness and substance use disorder. People who suffer from both can use substances to self-medicate the symptoms they are suffering from caused by their mental illness. When a person is suffering from dual-diagnosis both conditions need to be treated together. It … Read more

How Can Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Help?

AA Meeting

How does Alcoholics Anonymous help deal with alcoholism? You and everyone else who wants to recover from addiction need to know the many benefits of AA. The first thing to keep in mind is that you can get help to overcome alcohol addiction in many ways. There are detox programs, rehab center programs, in-person AA meetings … Read more