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NY Inpatient Treatment Options

What is Inpatient Treatment?

Drug addiction is a serious problem in America, with almost 21 million Americans affected. Out of this number, only around 10% receive treatment. In New York, one of the most effective treatments to help people with severe substance abuse is having NY inpatient treatment options.

Inpatient treatment is a type of rehabilitation program wherein the patient is required to live full-time in a treatment center for at least 30 days. However, the length of the stay will vary depending on the severity of the addiction, the patient’s health condition, and their recovery goals. Some patients can stay for as long as six months or more. There are several types of NY inpatient treatment options depending on the addiction.

One example is inpatient rehab Long Island NY, for locals who are suffering from substance abuse problems. Another is inpatient alcohol rehab NY for those who are struggling with alcohol addiction.

The inpatient treatment environment is strictly structured and scheduled to minimize the chances of triggers. Patients participate in an intensive treatment plan and are under constant medical supervision. They also have access to round-the-clock psychological support.

While inpatient treatment provides a safe and secure environment for the patient during their rehab journey, their chances of success improve greatly if they are given external support from friends and family during the course of the treatment.

Why is External Support so Important?

One of the possible drawbacks of inpatient treatment is that the patient may feel isolated from their support system, which can lead to undue stress. Here are three reasons why an external support system is important to a patient.

Disproves Fear of Abandonment

One of the most prevalent fears that addicts have is that their loved ones will abandon them once their addiction becomes public knowledge. This fear is what drives many addicts to keep their addiction secret and prevent them from getting help in time. This is particularly true with patients who enter the inpatient alcohol rehab NY program; they fear being rejected by their social circles because of their dependence to alcohol.

By showing your support, love, and understanding during their time in inpatient treatment, you will be proving that their fears of abandonment are unfounded. This may help encourage your loved ones to finish their inpatient treatment with peace of mind.

Gives Them Something to Look Forward To

Another common fear that many addicts have is that after their inpatient treatment is over, they will come out of rehab and be alone. They are afraid that their family and friends will no longer want to associate with them because of the “stigma” of being an addict.

Providing a strong support system assures them that they will have loved ones who will provide the love, friendship, and understanding that they need. This can help incentivize them during their inpatient treatment and give them something to look forward to once the treatment is over.

Creates a Healthy Environment after the Treatment is Over

Finally, it is important to have a strong external support system that anticipates the patient’s needs once the treatment is done. This can involve removing triggers and avoiding situations that can cause a relapse. It can also involve identifying circumstances that may have caused in the addiction in the first place so that these circumstances can be modified or removed before the inpatient treatment is over.

Ways to Support Loved Ones Undergoing Inpatient Treatment

Here are three concrete ways that you can show your support for a loved one who is undergoing inpatient treatment:

Understanding Limited Contact

During the first few days or weeks of inpatient treatment, outside contact may be limited to give the patient time to calm down and adjust to their new surroundings. However, this may lead the patient to feel resentful or angry towards loved ones because they feel abandoned.

You will need to show understanding and patience towards the situation, especially if the patient takes out their anger or frustration on you. Once contact is allowed again, take it upon yourself to reach out as much as possible.

Send Care Packages

If possible, send small care packages to help the patient feel calmer towards their situation. These care packages can also be a great way to cheer them up and make them feel less alone. Some great things to include are favorite snacks, books to pass the time, or a hand-written letter of encouragement. However, make sure to ask the facility authorities to check if the contents of your care package are allowed.

Visit When You Can

If the rehab center has visiting hours, make sure to visit as often as you can during these times. Make sure that the visit is light-hearted, encouraging, and welcoming. Take this time to let the person know that you are proud of their progress and that you are rooting for them. If support from friends and family is important to the patient, make sure to pick NY inpatient treatment options that allow for visitors.

How to Help

Choosing the right NY inpatient treatment option is crucial for a successful journey back to sobriety. If you are having trouble finding a reputable center near you, so you can check the National Institute on Drug Abuse for resources.