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Understanding Relapse Triggers In Recovery

pill bottle on a table next to a cup showing an example of a relapse trigger

Relapsing in addiction recovery usually starts with a relapse trigger, which is something that elicits an intense feeling for using the substance they were addicted to.  What Does it Mean to Relapse from Addiction Recovery? A relapse in addiction recovery is when someone starts using either the same drug/alcohol they were originally addicted to or … Read more

Why Is Self-Care Important?

woman wearing a back pack jumping up in the air on a wooded trail

Self-Care is important because it helps keep mental health at optimum levels. Without self-care, burnout, depression, and anxiety are likely outcomes of everyday life. What is Self-Care? Self-care is quite aptly named since it is the entire range of things that are considered caring for yourself. You can think of it as anything people do … Read more

What It’s Like to Detox From Heroin (Symptoms & Timeline)

Detox Doctor with Heroin Addiction Patient

When detoxing from Heroin, the body goes through many uncomfortable stages, such as tremors, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, as well as muscle aches and pain. What is Heroin? Heroin is an illicit street drug made from morphine that has been gathered from countless opium poppy plants. The mature flowers are gently cut or scored, and the … Read more

What Is Benzodiazepine Withdrawal?

Benzodiazepine withdrawal is the dangerous process of detoxifying the body from the toxins left behind by benzos. This can be physically and emotionally painful. What are Benzodiazepines? Benzodiazepines, also known as “benzos” are a class of depressant drugs. This means that they slow the speed of the central nervous system and the communication between the … Read more

What Are the Four Signs of Substance Abuse?

The four signs of substance abuse are changes in any or all of these areas: physical, behavioral, mental, and spiritual. What is Drug Addiction? Drug addiction is a major problem in New York, as it is nationwide. The  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that more than 100,000 deaths resulted from overdose between … Read more

Can Suboxone Cause Liver Damage?

female doctor reviewing patient chart at her desk

Suboxone is used to withdraw someone from physical dependence on opioids. Long-term use of Suboxone can cause liver damage and damage to other bodily systems. What is Suboxone? Opioids are one of the most addictive classes of substance in the world, and since 1999, almost one million people in the US have overdosed and died … Read more

What Causes Substance Use Disorder?

distraught woman with her hands on her face as she struggles with substance abuse

The most commonly reported causes of substance use disorder are the type of drug and age of first use, mental health, heredity, social factors, and environment. Substance use disorder (SUD) is a complex condition that can develop from a variety of factors. While there is no single cause of SUD, there are certain risk factors … Read more