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NA Meetings on Long Island

Everything You Need to Know about NA meetings in on Long Island

It might not shock you to hear that New York is in the top 5 states with the highest rates of drug overdose. But did you know Long Island is the region with the most opioid overdose deaths in New York? That second fact, cited in the scientific journal Nature surprises some people.

For many people living with addiction, a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting is the first time they hear about recovery. NA meetings in NY are everywhere and there are some amazing NA meetings in Long Island. Attending NA meetings in Long Island is a good way to start recovery. Most people need treatment first though.

Whether it’s you or someone you care about who is living with addiction, NA meetings can help. Once you’ve completed addiction treatment in NY, the “rooms” can help you grow your recovery.

What Happens at an NA Meeting?

People who’ve never been to NA meetings in Long Island sometimes get the wrong idea. Some people think the meetings are just a place where people vent about their problems. Sure, some people do that. But NA meetings in NY have real help to offer you. The people working a 12-step program truly want to help you. They can and they will help you, in fact.

If you get addiction treatment in NY, most likely you will be introduced to NA. When you graduate from any of the drug rehabs in NY, you will have an idea of what makes a good meeting.

What If I’ve Never Been to NA meetings in NY Before?

Don’t worry! Even if you or the one you love has never been to NA meetings in Long Island before, it’s easy to do. First of all, there are literally hundreds of NA meetings in NY. You’re not going to have trouble finding one. This also means that the chances are great that you will find a meeting that fits. NA Meetings are casual. The only rules you need to be concerned with to start is to be quiet while others are sharing. Crosstalk is also discouraged. This just means if you choose to share, direct your comments at the whole group, not at one person. The rest of the rules and traditions of that particular meeting will be explained once you’re there. The main thing to remember is that everyone else is there for the same reason as you!

Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text and Readings

NA meetings in NY are only a part of the Narcotics Anonymous program. The meetings and the people in them are what is referred to as “the fellowship”. You can think of them as your fellow travelers on your recovery journey.

Narcotics Anonymous program consists of not just meetings. There is also the reading material, working the 12 Steps and the volunteers who keep NA alive. The book and pamphlets are very important. They are a guide to your recovery. If you want what people who have been drug-free for many years have, you must do what they do.

39 Books will be for sale at many meetings. You can also download them to your phone or tablet. The NA website has more information about how to get the books. It’s worth the effort to get the NA “basic text” and start reading it as soon as you can.

What Do I Have To Do?

NA meetings in NY don’t really require you to do anything, other that listen quietly. No one is going to make you share or read, work steps or get a sponsor. There is no pressure. All of that is up to you. If you want to meet people at an NA meeting, hang around afterwards and help put chairs away or clean up. If you introduce yourself to a few people, you’re bound to find someone to talk to.

If the first few meetings you try don’t feel right, don’t give up. Keep going. Try different meetings and different days. You will find that different NA meetings in Long Island have different feels. The most important thing is that you want to stop letting drugs run your life. If you want to stop using and you are willing to try a program, that’s all it takes to make your start.

How Will NA Meetings in NY Help Though?

Most people living with addiction need to get treatment at one of the drug rehabs in NY’s metro area first. If you’re looking for help for substance abuse on Long Island, contact us. Once you get a medical detox and good treatment, NA meetings can really help keep your recovery on track.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings provide support and fellowship. They let you meet other people who are trying to stay away from drugs one day at a time. The most important thing is that the introduce you to the NA program itself. Make no mistake. The meetings are not the entire program.

Have you ever met someone who said they went to AA or NA meetings and they “didn’t work”? 9 times out of 10 if you ask that person what they did, they will tell you they just attended some meetings. If you talk to people who went to meetings, got a sponsor and actually worked all 12-steps, you will find a very different story.

We’re not here to tell you it’s easy. It isn’t. But like anything worth having, recovery IS worth the hard work. It isn’t complicated. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to “get recovery”. You just have to have enough humility and willingness. That means you accept that doing it “your way” isn’t working for you. After all, if it was, you wouldn’t have to go to rehab or attend meetings, would you? So you accept your way isn’t working AND you get willing to try another way. That’s it. It isn’t easy, but it IS simple.

What Do I Do Next?

If you or a person you care about is living with addiction, there are a few steps to follow:

  • First, you need to stop the damage. Get into treatment. Call us, we can help!
  • Second, make the commitment to go to rehab and get the most out of it you can. Remember there are millions of addicts out there who never get the chance. If you have it, take it!
  • After you finish your treatment, you will get what’s called an aftercare plan. Think of it as a roadmap to your recovery. Follow it the best you can. Take it seriously.

You can do this! Millions of people just like you or the person you love have found happiness in recovery. The secret is simple. They were willing to take the action. Reach out and ask for help. Don’t stop until you get it. When you get help and you know what to do – Take it seriously. Make recovery your job, your passion. Help other people, it will help you.

Give us a call if you’re ready, or even if you think you’re not.