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Choosing Right Cocaine Detox Treatment Centers in LI NY

Find Cocaine Treatment in LI NY

The merry-go-round has stopped. Or maybe it’s slowed down just enough for you or the one you love to jump off. You’re ready to find cocaine treatment in LI NY, so where to start? The first thing to know is that the window of opportunity to get someone into cocaine rehab is sadly very narrow. What we mean by this is that willingness comes and goes. A lot of times it takes a crisis or something really bad happening for a person in addiction to accept help. No matter how bad that thing is though, the drug will keep calling them back. 

So, no matter what someone tells you, you should know that when there is willingness, that is the time to act! Sometimes the best approach is to start doing your research before the willingness is there. It’s smart to prepare ahead of time. So even if you’re not sure you or your family member or loved one is ready to quit, you are doing exactly the right thing by informing yourself about the options for cocaine treatment in LI NY. 

Strike While the Iron is Hot

You have no doubt heard this saying before. It is probably truer when it comes to getting help for cocaine addiction than anywhere else though. People with substance use disorders prioritize their drug of choice above all else. It may not begin that way, but it is always where it ends up unless they stop and change direction. Cocaine addiction is particularly tough for a few reasons. One is that cocaine is a stimulant, so it causes racing thoughts and problems with impulse control. That makes it even more likely that if you or the person you care about is willing to even talk about getting help today – they may not be tomorrow. If you see even the tiniest glimpse of hope or willingness, grab hold of it and don’t let go. Any willingness to talk about getting cocaine treatment in LI NY is something we can build on!

Why You Need Cocaine Treatment in LI NY

Cocaine is an illegal drug for a reason. They are very few people who don’t know that it’s terrible for your health and your life. Cocaine use in Long Island, NYC, and surrounding areas is 19% higher than the national average. There is no question cocaine treatment in LI NY is a necessity. Putting aside the long-term health effects, let’s consider the impact it has on your entire life. Cocaine addiction drains your finances quicker than just about anything else. No matter what form someone is using it in, crack, freebase, smoking, snorting, or injecting, anyone using cocaine for long is going to spend a lot of money. Addiction to cocaine also destroys family and intimate relationships and marriages. If the financial devastation alone doesn’t do that, disappearing all night, hooking up with strangers, and doing God knows what certainly will. Now think about what happens to your health if you keep using.

Long-Term Effects of Cocaine Addiction

  • Heart disease
  • Lung damage
  • Permanent damage to nasal tissue and cartilage 
  • Losing your sense of smell
  • Anhedonia (the inability to feel pleasure)
  • Nerve damage
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Anxiety and depression

OK, But How Do I Choose the Right Cocaine Rehab?

Cocaine is an illegal drug for a reason. Almost nobody believes that there is a way to casually use cocaine and never get hooked. Whatever musician or celebrity you’re idolizing. Whatever lifestyle you think you can have while using coke is an illusion. The glamorous life where you only use occasionally with no repercussions is a lie cocaine tells you so it can kill you. That’s not being dramatic. Sure, lots of people get away with occasional use for a short time, especially if they aren’t smoking or injecting. But how many people try cocaine a few times and then never touch it again? Every time you pick up a drug that is addictive, it’s like playing Russian Roulette. Not just because you don’t know what will be one time too many and get you hooked either. You’re literally taking your life in your hands every single time. Thousands of people die every year from cocaine overdose or sudden heart attacks or strokes from snorting blow or smoking crack. So, the thing to do is get into treatment before tragedy strikes. You don’t have to wait until it’s too late and there is no reason to. Here are some tips about what you should look for in cocaine treatment in LI NY or nearby.

What to look for in a cocaine rehab in Long Island or surrounding areas:

  1. Association with a local cocaine detox facility
  2. Accreditation from The Joint Commission or CARP (this is a must-have!)
  3. Psychiatrist or psychologist on site for diagnosing a co-occurring disorder 
  4. Connected to a trusted sober living home (halfway house)
  5. A good alumni department that follows up 
  6. Complete aftercare planning and support 

Let’s Get it Done!

Getting recovery is about seizing the moment. Recovery is action. No one ever recovered from cocaine addiction by sitting around thinking about it. It takes work. You are worth it. Your loved one is worth it. So don’t waste another minute. We are here to get you connected to cocaine treatment in LI NY and surrounding areas. Long Island Rehabs can verify insurance benefits and let you know what a plan will cover. Call Long Island Rehabs right now at (631) 250-6065 and let’s get it done!